All hands on (virtual) deck at Facebook

Shridhar Reddy

Role: Presentation design, VR capture, video scripting, video editing

From March through early May 2018, I took a break from my usual product design work to switch to Presentation Design when I got a chance to design the deck for the Social VR team at the F8 conference. 

Below is the deck I designed that was presented at F8 by Mike Booth, Creative Director for Social VR at Facebook.

Watch the talk

The challenging (and fun!) part of building the deck above was in the story-telling of the features of the flagship product - Spaces. Some of the features were quite powerful and that required an elaborate story to both illustrate a typical usage. I had to understand the feature in VR, come up with a plausible story, plan out the shots, enact them in VR (sometimes with a friend), and finally, edit the video.


In this video on right, I am showing off the Groups feature in FB Spaces, where a fictious group called Furniture Prototypers uploads a set of 3D furniture objects. 2 of the group members decide to play with the furniture in VR while broadcasting their space. A third can see their live broadcast and comments on the placement of the furniture.
It took a few days of planning on my part to get everything right - the props, the newsfeed capture on phone, staging the conversation, prepping the room in VR, and timing the comments and the live broadcast. But what fun!

Kit creation & asynchronous sharing

The following video shows how a game kit is created in Spaces, and how it can be shared between two players. I create a basic chesskit out of graphic images, then visit Brian's space and challenge him to make a move.